What do you draw?


female/feminine-presenting characters ( I LOVE drawing cute girls♥), Kemonomimi, OC’s / Original Designs, witchy topics/themes, cute characters, fantasy character


Fanart, chibis, Vtuber, slightly lewd (lingerie or night gown f.e. is ok), slightly bloody/injured is ok (like after a battle/battle scars etc.)

  • I am willing to draw men/male-representing characters, as well as: anthropomorphic characters. Please note that I am not used to drawing those topics, so please be certain to check out my portfolio/artworks section on the website to check if my art style really fits your needs. Thank you!


real people from photos, muscular characters, Hyper-realism, mecha/robots, hardcore/NSFW, fetishes/porn Shota/Loli, gore, violence, hateful art, graphic design, tattoo design, elderly, heavy armor/weapons, trypophobia, Anything I’m uncomfortable with

Revisions: How do I give feedback the best?

Try to describe your wishes as detailed as possible! It also helps to draw redlines over the sketch I’ll send you. They do not have to be professional but help me so much to understand what you wish to change. An example of how it could look like – on the left the sketch I did and on the right the wanted changes:

What counts as “complicated design”?

That is hard to say, as it depends on the character. If the design is much too complicated I can offer to simplify the design, or keep it as detailed as it is for an extra fee (that will depend on the complexity). Look at the image below, the left Outfit would fall under “simple design” and the right one would already be a slightly “complicated design”:

Your commissions are closed, what can I do?

If my commissions are closed, but you are interested in commissioning me with a piece of art, you can always check my twitter account (nurilicious_) as I post my Commission openings there~ or join my Ko-Fi Membership as I will inform the Supporters there first of new commission slots!

I’ve seen you work on personal artworks while in process of my commission!

YES. That can and will happen, as I also draw stuff for my Vtuber life and for my own pleasure in my free time. But do not worry, I have given you an estimate turnaround time and usually (if I have not fallen ill, or sth. more dramatic etc.) I will get the job done in that time. If for any circumstances your commission MAY be delayed, I’ll inform you immediately. Please do not be rude, if you see me posting personal projects in between commissions.


I am always super honored and happy with every piece of fanart I get qwq so YES! Of course you can draw fanart of my characters/Vtuber.

No need to ask my permission to have my art tattooed on you. All I ask in return is for you to send me a photo of your tattoo when you have had it done as I would like to see the result ♥

Using my artwork as a reference for your own art is not a problem. This applies to referencing specific parts of my art as well as ‘style borrowing’ or trying out elements of my digital art approach. All I ask is for you to link to the image you used as a reference and provide proper credit by linking back to my social media accounts or website.

Please do not contact me to report an artist who is imitating my style. Please be aware that a certain degree of similarity to my own artwork is not a copyright breach and therefore not illegal, even though it is heavily frowned upon in the digital art community. Please also refrain from harassing artists who do this.