Hi Hii! Nurilicious here! But you can call me Nuri. I’m a Vtuber and self-taught artist located in Germany, who is also a semi-professional singer, with 10 years (2010 – 2020) of taking vocal coaching lessons by Sabine Vonnemann.

I also do gaming, karaoke and art streams over on twitch.tv/nurilicious and would love to welcome you to the Nuriverse~

Your support means the world to me – so thank you in advance for being here!


Kawaii Anthology – Band 2 (2015)

A4 Illustration of the two mascots momo & cherise on a swing. done in watercolours. was printed in the art section of the zine in b/w and as coloured illustration in the artbook that was being sold seperately.

Kawaii Anthology – Band 3 (2016)

A4 Illustration of the two mascots, momo & cherise in a fish bowl as mermaid and diver. done in watercolours. was printed in b/w in the art section of the zine.


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