Nuri (aka “Nurilicious” or “Nuri Moon”) is a digital artist from Germany. She has 17+ year of experience in digital art and 10+ years in illustration. Her favourite thing to make are things that are cute, witchy and beautiful.

Nuri has completed a design assistant certificate from “Max-Born Berufskolleg” in Recklinghausen, Germany in 2008 giving her the foundation and knowledge she now uses in her art and designs.

Her passion for art has sadly never gotten her to work in the field professionally, but she has since then done a lot of personal (and commission work) projects in a variety of different fields including: traditional media & digital art.
In her free time, Nuri enjoys singing, playing Games (PC & PS), collecting artbooks and reading.

She started streaming in 2016 – but put more seriousness into it in 2018, where she combines her love for art and video games as being part of the Vtuber community and doing live streams as her Vtuber-self: Nuri Moon.

Eating snacks & sweets while doing all that in combination with peppermint tea and café au lait help her to be creative (and stay awake…). ♥

> Nothing made by Nurilicious may be used in any blockchain-related technology, to include NFTs, cryptocurrency, or future inventions in the space.


Kawaii Anthology – Band 2 (2015)

A4 Illustration of the two mascots momo & cherise on a swing. done in watercolours. was printed in the art section of the zine in b/w and as coloured illustration in the artbook that was being sold seperately.

Kawaii Anthology – Band 3 (2016)

A4 Illustration of the two mascots, momo & cherise in a fish bowl as mermaid and diver. done in watercolours. was printed in b/w in the art section of the zine.


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