Personal Commissions: OPEN
Commercial Commissions: OPEN
WAITLIST: slots available

All listed prices are base prices in EURO € and can vary depending on the complexity and details of the commission. Prices are subject to change without notice. The style of commissions can vary, cause I am trying to constantly get better and am also trying out different approaches.
If you are unsure don’t hesitate to ask ♥


Your character (Vtuber, D&D, original character etc.) in lively poses, with a cute and light pallet and soft colours shaded for the extra touch – simple backgrounds with gradients and/or one colour are included in the base price. Original characters and fanarts are accepted. Multiple characters can be included in one single artwork. Highly detailed character designs or outfits will increase the price.
Please always submit coloured references of your existing character (they do not have to be professional!)

Colouring Styles
FLAT: Detailed lineart, simple flat colouring (no shading, no textures)
RENDERED: Detailed lineart, shaded colouring with textures, fully rendered

Chibi: Flat: 25€ | Rendered: 35€
Headshot: Flat: 20€ | Rendered: 30€
Half Body: Flat: 30€ | Rendered: 40€
Fullbody: Flat: 45€ | Rendered: 55€

– A4 size, 300dpi, PNG, one colour Background
Props: depending on complexity (small: 5€+ | medium: 10€+ | large: 15€+)
Pets/Mascots: depending on complexity (small: 10€+ | medium: 15€+ | large: 20€+)
Additional Characters: +80% of base price


Coloured reference sheet of your original character / Vtuber-self.
Basic Reference Sheet includes 1 fullbody front view shaded & 1 back view flat coloured, some details of the design/expression, gradient Background

Extra outfits, pets, weapons etc. can be added, but will increase the price depending on the complexity. Please always submit coloured references of your existing character (they do not have to be professional!)

Basic Reference Sheet: 75€

– 2500x1300px, 300dpi, PNG
Props: depending on complexity around 10€+ each object | 20€+ each outfit
Additional Characters/views: Base price of character art (chibi/bust/halfbody/fullbody) – see above (will always be flat coloured)


Shaded art coming in two versions with mouth closed & open to be able to use as reactive PNG for streaming. Please always submit coloured references of your existing character (they do not have to be professional!). Prices may increase depending on complexity of your character and other add-ons you want to have included. With purchasing a Reactive PNG Model commission you also buy the permission to use the model commercially.

Headshot: 50€

– 1000x2500px size, 300dpi transparent PNG
– includes mouth open & closed version
– prop (pet, mascot, headset etc.)
– Assets (hands holding controller, drink etc.)
all add-on prices depending on complexity!



Personalized emotes for twitch (compatible for discord as well). Please always submit coloured references of your existing character (they do not have to be professional!).
Full-coloured and simplified to be as readable as possible for your chat.
– You’ll get: transparent PNG | 112px/56px/28px sizes

humanoid and animal characters possible.

Basic Price: 30€ each
– get more, pay less!
1-5 emotes: 30€ each | 6-10 emotes: 29€ each | 11-20 emotes: 28€ each | 21+ emotes: 27€ each

– Rush order (1-5 day turnaround): +15€/emote
– Separated parts for animation: +25€/emote with PSD file ready to give to your animator!


Commercial rights allow the use of commissioned art as merch, game art, prints, etc. and it can be applied to all listings above –  it will be calculated for each project individually but will always consist of 2-3x the original price minimum. Royalties are also an option and can be discussed. Intellectual property and credits will still be held by the artist.


Please read the Terms of Service & the FAQ carefully, before filling out the Commission Form, as you have to accept those in order to commission me. Any questions regarding my workflow or specific parts of the TOS & FAQ can be asked in private messages on my twitter, or through the contact form.

Thank you for your interest in my work ~ I really appreciate it!